The La Lucia Baby House owners, Skip and Sheila Collins

11 November 2020 | 16H40

Children play a focal point in awareness campaigns normally around November each year as the 7th is National children’s day and the 9th, World Adoption Day. A child is any individual under the age of 18. Statistics by Acres of Love reveal that:

– Sixty percent of South African children are considered to be poor,

– 100,000 of South Africa’s children are struggling to survive in child-headed households,

– Many of South Africa’s children face complex deprivation; poor schooling, no transport, lack of running water, unemployed parents, inadequate nutrition, many lacking any proof that they even exist because their births were never registered,

– Each year, 3,500 babies are found abandoned,

– For every three babies that are abandoned, only one is found in time,

– Children who have lost one or both parents are at greater risk of dropping out of school than non-orphaned children.

Children’s Rights are mostly infringed and the orphan crisis is appalling. The La Lucia Baby House recently allowed the Phoenix Sun to visit their home where they host six babies who are waiting for adoption. The owner’s originally from USA, Sheila and Skip Collins, first came to SA in 1989 and then made the decision to make the country their home. To date, they’ve had 61 children in the past seven years of which they keep only six at a time until each child is placed by social workers in a new home. Placement is a long process as families must be thoroughly screened. The can take a up to a year and over, depending on the complexity of each circumstance. When explaining some of the situations, they’ve experienced as an orphan crisis home, Shiela said, “It can be really sad some of the conditions the babies arrive in. We’ve had a baby come to us with the umbilical cord still attached and a few of the babies were found left in plastic bags on the roadside.” She urged people who do not want their children to at least give them away in a dignified manner. Sheila said when parents choose to simply dispose their children, their health can be affected for the rest of their lives. Sheila and her husband said they’ve spent a large amount of time in hospitals as some children arrive in critical conditions which require major medical attention. In the process, some of the children unfortunately pass away due to complications but with each child they do their utmost best to love and provide for them till they find a home.


Phindile Mshudulu for Phoenix Sun Newspapers >>

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