03 March 2021 | 11H07

In all times that I’ve witnessed road rage, it’s always been among two testosterone-driven males who flex their egos in full view of other road users to unequivocally prove the alpha male. Their animalistic and highly unnecessary behaviour reminds me of the animal kingdom when it’s mating season and the dominant male mates the day away with every female on his turf. At one point I watched an elephant seal squish his own freshly birthed spawn with his humongous velvety-skinned-body in a quest to mate with the mother, who stood helplessly as the young suffocated. She was no match against the male who was three times her body weight with only one mission in mind – mate!

What is the price of road rage? Death! Can you tell that this topic drives me up the wall? It does, because on all occasions that I’ve seen males take each other on, I’ve felt that the behaviour could have been avoided but no, some people just go around looking for fights. Late last year I wrote a story about a male in his late twenties who was killed due to road rage. He was intoxicated, created a scene, and unfortunately his mercy-less killers were out for blood. Their bite was bigger than his bark as they stabbed him in his car seat before he could get out and take them on. Similarly, in the animal kingdom when males fight, they do so to the point of death. If the weaker doesn’t surrender, it ends in a messy bloodbath with the victor walking away with a battered body but wins the ultimate prize – mating rights; commonly the prize of most animal fights.

Can you tell that I’m likening males a lot to animals in this piece? There are many similarities but before I get myself into trouble, I am not generalising neither do I want to spark a ‘Men are Trash’ conversation because there are some gentle giants out there. I just feel road rage is avoidable. If someone turns without indicating, yes, it’s irritating and could cause carnage but be glad you’re safe and drive on. There is no correcting wrong behaviour by engaging in a physical fight as every driver knows the rules of the road whether they bribed their way through their Driver’s Test or not. Every South African driver read a K53 and knows what’s right and what isn’t. 

In the most recent episode of road rage that I witnessed, it was a Toyota Corolla against a BMW. Can you guess who backed down first? The BMW driver of course, because the Corolla was no competition. His passiveness angered the Corolla driver who even stepped out of his slightly rusty, outdated model and took off his shoes while the patience of other drivers was running up. Traffic was backed up within moments. Perhaps there is a male explanation of road rage but from a female perspective, it looks like a battle of power – A quest to demonstrate whose bank balance is bigger. What angered the Corolla driver is that he knew his wallet was no match so he wanted to prove his manliness in other ways. This might pinch a bit but being a man doesn’t depend on one’s salary but society has created this misconception that is silently strangulating thousands of men. 

So, to men, know your worth. Creating havoc doesn’t make you a man. A moment of road range won’t add anything to your life. If you feel small on the road due to more expensive pricier cars that scoot you out of the fast lane, so be it. You can work your way to the top and create your own wealth. Watching men fight unnecessarily is off-putting and other road users have places to go to. If you want to parade your peacock feathers, do it intellectually and seek knowledge that no one can take away.


                                                                         Lot’s of Love, Phindy xx