Clutter in purse

11 December 2019 | 13H27

Well, we love our handbags, don’t we? But let’s be honest and talk about the maintenance thereof. If you want a nice handbag you must learn to keep it clean. To be quite honest, I love handbags or the idea of having one: like how it ties an outfit together whether coordinating it with your earrings, nails or makeup gives quite an impression. The minute you see a woman with a nice put-together outfit and handbag you look with great admiration and at that moment, she might be worthy of receiving a gold medal for rocking a great look.

On the other hand, I’m still coming from mommy mode: our son is almost four and our daughter just turned 2 and it’s only now that I’m re-discovering myself again. For the past couple of years, I’ve been carrying baby bags filled with bum cream, wipes, nappies – you name it! Now that the children are growing up, there’s no need to carry all these items anymore which means I can go back to carrying handbags (which I’ve never been able to do by the way. Somehow they create more clutter – the bigger it is, the more things I stuff inside).

We recently traveled to Durban and as we were packing, I suddenly thought yikes, I don’t have any handbags! I used my sister’s handbag during our stay at home – thank God for sisters! However, during this trip, I realised that it’s time to re-focus on myself again, here and there, as the little ones grow.Just this morning I went to the bank and during my wait, I discovered just how untidy my purse was. It was slip after slip and it’s wise to keep some slips but certainly not all. I even took a picture of what came out – I couldn’t believe all those scraps of paper came out of my purse! How did it all fit in there? The relief as I threw them in the bin was rewarding then I quickly remembered, I’ve got a couple more handbags at home that need thorough cleaning! Why is it so hard to throw away slips? Maybe we keep them because we think we’ll need them – which is sometimes true. You know that moment when you buy an appliance and you throw away the slip because it works perfectly and then one month down the line it has a fault and you look for the slip and can’t find it? Yes, this is exactly why we keep these slips. In fact, all of my handbags and clutch bags have a bit of clutter in them. I often use these accessories when I’m hosting an event and I often find tissue, pens and scrap notes in most of them when browsing through the next clutch bag to accessorize with. It’s nice to go through the nostalgia that cleaning your handbag comes with as you remember memories of a particular event and how great it may have been.

But honestly now, handbags are work. Each time I see a nice handbag I hear a clutter alert siren ringing in my head and I’m immediately reminded of the queue of bags I have in my cupboard waiting to be cleaned. So before I get another handbag, I’m going to clean my old ones first, and maybe that might make me grasp that I don’t need a new one – I just need to clean out the clutter!

Lots of Love, Phindy