Buy Three For Two!!

Shyuu! What a busy Black Friday it was! All those “specials” and deals that one seemingly couldn’t miss. However, I wasn’t one who had my eye on Black Friday to be quite honest, not because of its black slavery history but because I’m not one who’s always looking out for the best deals. In our family, we don’t buy the month’s groceries as some families do – I find that buying the whole month’s supply finishes the groceries a lot quicker. For instance, if you bought a half a dozen tray of milk, it would finish a lot quicker than buying one box of milk regularly.

I’ve come to learn that the more you buy, the quicker it gets used up. Family members in the house end up using a lot more than they normally would because they see the abundance of food in the cupboard, therefore I stopped buying groceries this way – It might be practical and cost-effective for some but it certainly does not work for me. I mean if someone normally puts 2 sugars in their coffee, the minute they see a 12,5 kg packet of sugar that was purchased on Black Friday or any other store special, they would eventually have 4 sugars in their coffee because of the abundance.

Therefore these Black Friday specials don’t work for me at all. I mean why would I buy “3 for the price of 2” if I only need one item anyway? This is a marketing strategy that retailers have mastered. I had my binoculars on and I can firmly say Black Friday did not affect me whatsoever, if it didn’t affect you too, just pat yourself on the back (pat.. pat.. pat..).

Do you know that First National Bank had an average of 306 transactions per second within the first few hours of Black Friday?! 

“..Between midnight and 14:00, the total number of transactions processed through FNB’s merchant acquiring systems were 7.8 million compared to 5.6 million in 2018.

Transactions processed through the bank’s merchant acquiring systems peaked at an average of 306 transactions per second (TPS), the bank said..”

Can you imagine just how much money was made throughout the day by other banks and stakeholders? The following day when the storm had passed, my family and I decided to get a few items in the grocery store and to our surprise was the shop empty! Our drive from home to the store was a very quick and dull one – the streets were shockingly empty as if it were a public holiday. Where did all the people go? Well, we certainly know what happened, when most of the counters were empty in the shop. Black Friday-ers probably didn’t have any money left the following day. I wonder what will happen throughout the month? You know even the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) joined in on the Black Friday fun as they released the grant money early to accommodate the spenders. 

Therefore, no thanks I will not be buying 5 for R50 when I only intended to buy one for R13.99! It might mathematically be a save at the end of it all but if it weren’t in my plans, I’m not falling for it because you end up buying something you don’t even need. Retailers we can see you. Let’s be money-wise South Africans and learn to buy only per our needs. 

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Lots of Love, Phindy