What Would You Do?

Please watch my video here to view this post >>                                             Lots of Love, Phindy xx                                     ...

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A Gap Not Too Big To Close

30 August 2021 | 15H07 The Poor Representation of Women in Leadership webinar was a fire starter as speakers in critical leadership positions exchanged views on what could be done to promote female leadership in the country. At a time where women are making economic...

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Run With It!

29 JULY 2021 | 13H03 When I'm overwhelmed with life's complexities, I exercise. Exercising is exhilarating; it provides an energy boost. Mental congestion caused by overthinking clogs your productivity; hence it's vital to have a place to release unwanted pressure -...

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Learning To Grow

  20 July 2021 | 15H03 The quote by the late Tata Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” is not foreign to our auditory apparatuses. Its massive dissemination to citizens could make it easy for individuals to lack...

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The Time Quadrant

29 June 2021 | 15H48 I’m currently studying a Higher Certificate in Entrepreneurship which contains various outstanding Leadership courses. Thus far, the one that’s awakened my innermost parts has to be our Time Management lecture. We often complain that we "never...

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The Calorie Counter!

14 June 2021 | 12h58 So many topics for my next blog have been bombarding my mind that choosing the relevant one has been a mission. I’d like to engage in so many conversations that have been occupying my mind but let me settle for writing about the weight. Yes, a...

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